Fall Bucket List

We have less than 50 days of fall already!!! WHATTTTT. How did that happen? I still have so much I want to do, with so little time! This time crunch inspired me to get organized and create a FALL BUCKET LIST.

Below are a few experiences and achievements that I hope to accomplish in the next 47 days! #letsdothis PS. I will document and share each one as they occur, OF COURSE!!

1. In this season of giving, find a local food drive and donate.

2. Do something kind for someone, for no reason, once a week until Christmas/Hanukkah.

3. Find the perfect holiday gifts for my loved ones.

5. Get cozy under a blanket with a new book!

Extra points if it’s motivational and encourages personal development.

4. Have a sweater weather day date! Loveeee day dates.

5. Try a new restaurant with seasonal selections.

6. Participate in an outdoors activity to enjoy the seasons: hiking through foliage, touring Christmas lights, sledding (but praying it doesn’t snow).

7. Put together perfect holiday outfits for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

8. Learn to make a signature fall soup!

Extra points if it’s delicious AND healthy.

9. Make holiday cookies (COOKIE EXTRAVAGANZA) for my friends and family.

10. Organize, host, or attend a holiday party.


Create your own bucket list and make the most out of this beautiful season!


Amanda xo


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