Travel Check List

You’re going away!! Maybe it’s a girl getaway, a family vacation, or a work trip … either way, you’re traveling and that’s awesome! 

Now the bad part is … PACKING. I hate it. You hate it. We all hate it. You have no idea what to bring but also want to bring EVERYTHING. How does everything you own suddenly become vital for your existence?! It’s truly bizarre. Oh… and a 50 pound wait limit. NOT going to happen! 

Packing your bags can truly be a skill. Being able to pack everything you need in an organized and neat way.

Your Carry On

If you only take a carry on bag.. CHEERS TO YOU! I won’t even try that craziness for anything more than 1 day away. For me, a carry on is for:

1. what you need ON the plane 

2. anything of high value 

3. essentials for the day, after landing

Let’s break it down now! What to have in your carry on bag.


With your ID, cards, cash, and potentially your printed boarding pass. If you are leaving the country, make sure you have your passport!!!

Hint: Always have a little bit of cash even if you don’t want to bring much with you. It’s good to have for a taxi from the airport or for tipping a bellman, etc., when arriving at the hotel. 

Hint: Check in to your flight before arriving to the airport. This will save you a lot of time and hassle when you arrive! 

Glasses and Sunglasses

These babies are too important to not have with you and risk being crushed in your suitcase. PLUS, you’ll want them in a place of easy access. 

Phone – AKA your device that does everything

SO important!! Make sure you have all necessary chargers to go along!!

Hint: A portable chargeable is worth the small investment and awesome to have on your trip!

Hint: My phone is my camera. If yours isn’t, make sure you bring one of those as well. Have to take a picture or it didn’t happen! 

Books, Magazines, Laptops, iPads, Headphones

Traveling can be boring, especially on a long flight. Pass away the time and be productive! This is a great time to catch up on the book or article you’ve been dying to dive into, surf the web, or get some work done!

Hint: I love my wireless beats but you can’t watch a movie on the plane with wireless headphones. Keep that in mind! 

Scarfs, Sweaters, Wraps

Get comfy on the plane! Wrap up in your scarf and try to take a nap. Not to mention it’s often chilly on the plane. Layers are always a good idea.

Pillow, Blanket, Eye Mask, Socks

I love to sleep while traveling but it can absolutely be difficult. This combo will make your goal of napping much easier. 

Imagine if we could look like this? #dreams


Your ESSENTIALS – mascara, lip gloss, powder – should be in a zip lock bag in your carry on. If that’s all you need on you trip, carry it all on. If you’re a makeup kind of girl, only put your bare minimum in this bag. This is a “just in case” measure if your bags won’t be available to you at your destination for a period of time. 

Change of clothes 

Always have the outfit you want to wear to start your trip! Sometimes checking into your room isn’t an option when you arrive at your destination, which means opening your bags to get what you want can be difficult and tricky. Pack your next outfit in your carry on. Bikini and flip flops? Comfortable flats and a clean top?

Hair and Skin Essentials

Always important to have a moisturizer with you! The air on the plane is extremely dry and you want to keep your skin as hydrated as possible. Also a good idea to have some hair pins, elastics, and deodorant!

Snacks and Drinks

You’ll probably be getting a drink (#mimosame) and a free snack on your flight BUT you never know! (I’m always the person asleep when they bring out the snacks and miss out!) Always bring some snacks and a bottle of water to stay hydrated and happy. My favorites are KIND and Lara bars, individual bags of almonds, apples, and bananas. 

Hint: Always good to have a reusable water bottle with you to get a drink in a quick pinch AND gum for your ears during takeoff and landing. 

This is a fabulous checklist (my favorite items and a few extras) of the essentials!! If you can check off everything you need on here – you are GOLDEN for a successful flight. 

Your Checked Luggage

Everyone is different in regards to their outfits based on personality and their destination. 

My advice is to make a list:

1. How many days will I be there?

2. How many outfits do I need in a day?

3. What does my itinerary look like?

Once you can answer these questions, do your best to pack by outfit. 

1. Clothes (the outfit)

2. Accessories (purse, jewelry, shoes)

Then pack each outfit neatly. 

Hint: I personally like to pack my outfits in air tight zip locks to stay organized, pack efficiently, and avoid my items being affected by any liquid spills in my bag. 

Lastly, time to throw in the miscellaneous items. For example: hair products, styling tools, sweaters, undergarments, toiletries, and vitamins/supplements.  

At the end of the day just remember. IF YOU FORGET SOMETHING … IT’S OKAY!! The success of your trip is not determined by what you pack. It is determined by your mindset. Be positive, have fun, and experience the wonders of the world

Safe and happy traveling! 

Amanda xo

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