Werk It Out

A few things …

  1.  I’m going to Vegas in 15 days
  2. I’m currently embracing a change in my diet – aka “lifestyle change”
  3. I really love ice cream

See the problem here?! HELP 

In addition to my new and improved healthier eating habits, exercise is super important.

Everyone struggles with one more than the other (diet or exercise). Some HATEEEE to workout, where others CAN’T fathom giving up their wine. For me, the workout part is easy. I genuinely love to workout. It’s weird… I know. I love to get gross and sweaty, to feel like I accomplished something incredible, and the high when it’s all over. Even though I’m passionate about my daily workout fix, some days I’m TIRED, LAZY, or truly just not feeling it…

Here’s the deal: drink a little caffeine, put your workout gear on, and JUST DO IT. (Yup that’s Nike, see what I did there). No one ever regrets a workout. I promise you that when you finish you definitely won’t say “I wish I didn’t do that.”


Workout gear can drastically affect the way you feel before AND during your workout. Plus new workout gear can even help you get your butt to the gym!! HAVE to try out the new goods. #motivation

Here are a few current favorites in the workout essentials category! High Style  AND High Performance

Sports Bras IMPORTANT.

If you aren’t a chesty gal then this Lighten Up Bra is awesome. Love the detail of the fun straps in the back. Wear it under an open back tank.

If you need extra support, especially when running, Athleta has the best sports bras. Stealth Bra gives high support and supreme shape.



Yoga’s! – Your go-to comfy, stylish, leggings. “I might be going to a spin class, I might be just sitting on my couch.” You’ll never know!

High Waist leggings are my FAVE! These Splice it Up High Waist Leggings by Zella are figure sculpting and super fun with mesh cutouts.

For me, good yogas need to be high wasted, mesh or FUN! Don’t be afraid of bright colors and patterns! Loving these Alo Airbrushed Glossy Leggings.  



Tanks, Tees, Tops 

Open back is the way to go! A little bit of skin in the right place. Cat Cowl Open Back Tee is perfect for your yoga or barre class!

Runners need a go-to training top for some high intensity sweating. This Fastest Track Top is chafe free and unstinkable! Seriously though… how do they do that!?

Looking for semi fitted and lower coverage? Try a top with a built in bra. Love the fun back on this Reach and Restore Tank.  




Accessories! Spice it up.

I love gold and I love champagne. This Sparkling Champagne Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Swell is perfection.

Activity trackers are GREAT but I sometimes can’t get past the way they look. Not anymore!!! Kate Spade New York Scallop Activity Tracker gets the job done and looks perfect on your wrist.

That yoga mat can be such a pain! You roll it up … it falls out. You drop it 5 times as you carry it from the car to the studio. Try the Essential Mat Carrier by Lulu.

If you are taking a class at the gym or going for a run, the type of shoe you have on makes a BIG difference. EVERYONE is different and has a different preference. Personally, Asics are my go to for a running shoe, and I love their Gel models such as, Gel Cumulus 18. 






Workout gear can often transition into your normal wardrobe when done correctly. I LOVE this Vinyasa Wrap you can wear soooo many different ways! I can see it with yogas or a great skinny jean.



Stay in motion . Love your body. Sweat in style . Be kind to yourself .


Amanda xo

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