Fridays are clearly the BEST day of the week. Although many of us have to work, the future of the weekend is exciting and optimistic! Do you know what is better than a Friday though?!?! A BIRTHDAY! YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!

My birthday was this week! SOO many reasons to love your birthday, and it always kills me when people say “you won’t always love it.” Why not?! I’m going to celebrate my special day till I’m 100. Who cares if we’re gettng older! We are just getting more FABULOUS every year.

The BEST and most IMPORTANT parts of a Birthday: treats, cocktails, and decorations. Here are a few of my favorites in each category!

Birthday Treats

I love to go out to dinner on my birthday and then have treats at home!! (With a big candle of course). These are super fun and creative sweet treats for any special birthday gathering!

Chocolate Covered Waffles!

Tip: Put a scoop of ice cream on top and you have THE coolest waffle/ice cream combo EVER!

Ice Cream is the answer to every emotion and every occasion. To accommodate the palate of everyone, an ice cream bar is so much fun!

Tip: Pre scoop ice cream into mason jars for less mess and easy access.

Cupcakes! They’re better than cake. They just are!!

Tip: Match your cupcakes to the theme of the party or the personality of the honoree!

Birthday Cocktails. IMPORTANT

Champagne Floats 

Sorbet and sparkling wine heaven.

Rosé Champagne Cotton Candy Cocktails 

Beautiful and delicious. Cotton candy melts into the rosé.

Apple Cider Mule

I am LOVING copper mugs.


Rockin’ Champs 

Rock Candy sweetens the drink in the most adorable way.

Decorations are necessary! 

Just a few of them can really give your celebration the touch it needs.

BALLOONS. Why is it that we love them at every age?! The XL letter/number balloons are SO much fun! Numbers to celebrate your age OR spell out some fun words!

Confetti balloons are also a game changer. Create your own!

Tassel Garland

Tissue Paper Flowers


Wear a crown. Love EVERY age. Celebrate your day. Look and feel good doing it.

Happy Celebrating!

Amanda xo

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