Make A Statement

You know how when you really like something there is a tendency to over indulge? Margherita pizza becomes dinner EVERY night, the new Sia song is a NECESSITY during every car ride, and buti yoga becomes your DAILY workout of choice. This is until the day that EVERYTHING changes. Suddenly you realize how insanely boring the repetitiveness is. Well, this is exactly how I’m feeling about this pink necklace. #OverIt

Earlier in the week I committed to wearing a hot pink, flashy, diamond statement necklace with five very different outfits for five days. I DID IT!! I’m excited to show you that there is no need to commit to the same outfit with the same pieces EVER AGAIN!

Important: This necklace looks great with numerous colors, textures and looks but I do not recommend wearing your accessory five days in a row. (Pretty positive my coworkers in the office think I’ve gone crazy).

Outfits Monday through Friday below!

Amanda xo

WEARING // dress: C. Wonder; bag: T.J. Maxx; shoes: Charles David; watch: Tory Burch; shades: Ted Baker; necklace: Banana Republic


WEARING // top: T.J. Maxx; bottoms: J. Crew; bag: Kate Spade; shoes: T.J. Maxx; watch: Michael Kors; shades: Illesteva; ring: David Yurman; necklace: Banana Republic


WEARING // dress: Nordstrom; bag: T. H. Palm & Company; shoes: Jessica Simpson; watch: Marc Jacobs; shades: Tory Burch; necklace: Banana Republic


WEARING // dress: Aqua – Bloomingdales; bag: Tory Burch; shoes: Tory Burch; watch: Marc Jacobs; necklace: Banana Republic


WEARING // dress: Ann Taylor Loft; bag: Tory Burch; shoes: Tory Burch; watch: Michael Kors; shades: Ray Bans; necklace: Banana Republic


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